It’s always funny sharing snowy photos when it’s warm outside, but Jamie and Pat got engaged just this past winter so it made sense. I know Jamie from way back in college and I really had to resist the urge to dig up some old photos when I was putting this post together. Today is about them, not me, so I’ll leave those in the past where they belong. Jamie looks the exact same anyway!

.Jamie and Pat met at school (they’re both teachers) and started dating just as quarantine and lockdowns were being put in place. Interesting time to start a relationship, but today’s their wedding day and if a global pandemic couldn’t stand in their way, I’d say it’s meant to be. I met up with them back in January and they showed me around all the places that were meaningful to their relationship (the school they work at and their first date bar). It was so much fun to catch up with Jamie after all these years and to meet Pat! Today’s going to be a good one.

If you know Jamie at all, you can HEAR that middle photo…

UPDATE : Today was the best!