I have a love/hate relationship with sunrise sessions. They all usually go a little something like this —

The second my alarm goes off (and it’s EARRRLLYY especially in the summer, like 4:30 am early), I hate it. I hate everything about it and I’m mad at myself for suggesting it. I’m mad that I convinced my clients to go along with this. I’m calculating if I have enough time to make coffee or should I stop for one. Is Dunkin or Starbucks even open this early?

Then I start my drive, usually to the lakefront. The sky is lightening up and starting to turn all sorts of colors. My mood also starts to lighten at this time. I arrive and greet the couple. They’re tired too and still quite unsure of why they are up that early. Then the sun pops up, the light hits the lake and all the buildings and then everything makes sense. Icing on the cake is that no one else is around. This is when I love everything about the sunrise session.

After photos are done I always suggest that the couple stops for breakfast cause they will for sure beat any crowds, then go home and nap. This is exactly what I do and it makes the whole thing worth while.

And so concludes my ramblings why sunrise sessions are annoying, but worth it. Thanks Kate and Angelo for waking up early with me.