I mention this a lot, but it is really awesome to see a family grow through the years in front of your camera. I got to meet Erin & Chris a few years ago at their wedding (which you can check out by clicking here). I got asked to come back a few times over the years as the new additions kept arriving. I’m still on a mission to get this blog caught up so lets see what Erin & Chris have been up to over the years.

I don’t always show the look at the camera photos because my sessions focus more on candid moments, but I always get a few of the posed smiles. They’re good to frame and also to compare as the years go on. Here’s 2021 vs. 2022

And just a few from Rory’s newborn session in 2021 before we move on to the latest addition…

Symmetry speaks to me, this is my fave.

This brings up to date in 2022 when Billie Mae joined this crew.