2021 UPDATE :

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I’ve been so excited to post this blog! One thing I love about photographing families is going back for the milestones and seeing how much they’ve grown. I’ve been hanging out with Quinn and his parents, Ashley and Sean, for the past year. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were practically my neighbors when I first arrived for their newborn session. This made planning the other sessions super easy because we knew all the same spots in the city!

I have about a year of photos to catch you all up on so let’s take things back to February of 2015. Quinn had just made his arrival and I headed over to their condo to take his newborn photos.

How adorable is this nautical themed nursery???

The many faces of Quinn…

The many faces of Quinn…
Before I knew it, July was here and Quinn was six months! I love this session because we were able to get outside and enjoy the Chicago summer.

Hey Buddy!

We went down to Diversey Harbor for some fun outside pics. That one of dad and Quinn on the left, another fave of the year. And here we finally are in February of this year. Quinn is One!

They are going to be moving soon, so we stepped outside for a few minutes to get some photos of Quinn’s first home.
Quinn and Charlie are best buds these days.Last but not least, the smash cake. It was hard for me to keep these under wraps. This was the cutest theme ever!!Also just a side note for those of you planning your child’s smash cake session. You don’t need a studio, just a little creativity. The best light in the house was their bedroom so we set up in there. Ashley went above and beyond to make this picture perfect. She hand made the adorable garland and attached it to their coffee table flipped on it’s side. We laid down some burlap to avoid any mess and added some firewood. The tree stump cake stand was ordered from Etsy and the little brown cake was from Mariano’s (delicious by the way). And there you have it!


Ashley and Sean, thank you so much for having me take your family photos. Not only did I love watching Quinn grow, but was incredibly honored to be there and document so many milestones in his life. Plus, you guys were always so much fun to hang out with! Thanks again and see you soon!! 🙂